Help with recruiting volunteers

Help with recruiting volunteers

Volunteer Centre Sefton works with individuals and organisations from within the borough of Sefton in order to promote, deliver and develop high quality voluntary opportunities.

The Centre supports the increasing number of people engaged in volunteering in Sefton by referring potential volunteers to voluntary opportunities within the voluntary and statutory sector via a variety of methods including one-to-one interviews, newsletters, website registration and via the Do-it website.  The Centre also supports accreditation and recognition of volunteers by providing certificates of achievement.

The Centre enables organisations to capacity build and projects to offer quality volunteering opportunities which are quality assessed by the Centre which in turn enables the centre to give support, advice and guidance around voluntary activity and project developments. The Centre provides communication via newsletters; Volunteer Co-ordinator Forums, website and email to ensure marketing of opportunities and information are timely and relevant. 

The Volunteer Centre is part of the volunteer sub-regional and North West network of volunteer centres and is quality assured with Volunteering England. The project is proud to retain the MATRIX award for Information, Advice and Guidance.

We have been extremely fortunate to receive some fantastic feedback from both volunteers and organisations.

“They are a very professional team.” – Volunteer

“They are not backward in helping people to develop and are always ready with a word of advice which might be by telephone or in person.  Nothing is too much trouble for them.” – Volunteer

“I have worked closely with the Volunteer Centre Sefton over the last 2 years. Including attending Volunteer Coordinator forums. I have contact with them when they have new volunteers or volunteers want to do group work for an organisation.  I have also worked closely with them to develop new volunteer opportunities We discussed what people might want experience with.We discussed the wording of the opportunity on the “Do-It” website so it would be as appealing as possible for the potential volunteers” – Feelgood Factory Netherton.

“The centre have assisted us to encourage and make contact with more users and groups. For example on our litter pick days and also with the planting of new trees, which within the last 12 months totalled 7000 new plantings, all carried out by volunteers. They have been able to direct us to interested parties who are able to offer volunteer assistance, explained how to increase our numbers which we have done successfully, explained how best to achieve this and guided us through each process. In addition they have liaised with various organisations and departments on our behalf. Very effective. Without their support we would not have achieved anything near to our current position.” – Chair Friends of Deansgate