How to join the Sefton Park addiction treatment programme?

How to join the Sefton Park addiction treatment programme?

A referral to Sefton Park may come from any source – family, friends, the medical profession, social worker, the probation service or directly from the prospective client.

The assessment process enables the Sefton Park team to ascertain that the programme is suitable for the client and that we are able to meet their needs.

We will endeavour to arrange face to face assessments whenever possible at Sefton Park in order that the client can get the feel of Sefton Park and experience the nurture of the Therapeutic Community.

If an assessment at Sefton park is not possible we arrange an assessment at a mutually convenient location: failing this then a telephone may take place to assess the needs of the client.

How to join the programme?

The programme includes an induction period before joining to the main group and the Integration phase of the programme.

The treatment period is usually 6 months or 3 months although we can be flexible to other lengths of time to suit the client needs funding availability.

Some clients may require further time to fully address their issues and achieve their goal of sustainable abstinence. This will be negotiated between the client, the focal counsellor and the referrer.

After the Integration phase there is a period of preparation for moving on when the Focal Counsellor and Resettlement works support the client in examining and achieving their objectives for the next stage of their life.

How much do we charge?

Our objective is to ensure that the treatment we provide is both affordable and accessible.

We regularly benchmark our fees against other providers so we know our fees are highly competitive.

He will explain the different treatment options available that can be tailored to your specific treatment needs.

When he fully understands your treatment requirements will he provide you with details of the treatment plan charges.

What the client can expect?

Our object is to provide a safe and structured therapeutic environment so that our clients may feel supported whilst they address the issues of their addiction.

During the induction process clients sign a formal contract with Sefton Park. This contract sets out the expected behaviour and the responsibilities of our clients during the programme. Clients are expected to attend all group therapy sessions and encouraged to fully participate. They maintain a daily reflective diary whilst on the programme and have weekly one-to-one counselling sessions.

Clients are allocated domestic duties, such as cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, in order that they have a structure and routine to their day. They are also responsible for keeping their bedroom and bathroom clean and tidy.

During the week, all activities are structured around the therapeutic programme.

At weekends the emphasis is on reflection, relaxation and socialising with peers. There is a therapeutic group Saturday morning with a fellowship or ex-peer share in the afternoon.

Visits are permitted at weekends and encouraged as a way of re-building family relationships.