Veterans in Sefton Community Program

Veterans in Sefton Community Program

VIS have established as well as full time staff, who work out of the Brunswick Y&CC (the Brunny) 9am – 5pm Monday till Friday, for our ex-service personnel reservists and their families to provide help and advice with housing, employment, dependency, financial, general well being and mental health issues.

The VIS hold weekly NAAFI Breaks (NBs) at various locations around Sefton.

The NAAFI Break is nothing more than a social gathering in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere; many issues tend to come out in conversation. The mentors will pick up on this and approach the subject.
The NAAFI Break (NB) is where we “pull up a sandbag and swing the lamp” a term that is probably not usually used on civvie street but fully recognised to those who have served within the Armed Forces.

Through out all of are process we offer a unique holistic support programme, Lead by our own Psychotherapeutic Councillor (new Shrink to be introduced shortly) we also provide mentor support when referring to specialist mental heath experts who fully understand a veterans needs and issues such as Veterans in Mind. Through out all of are process we offer a unique holistic support programme, as a project we provide the emotional scaffolding to raise self esteem, build confidence and improve mental well being.

The V.I.S offers volunteering opportunities allowing Veterans and members of the community to give their time and get involved. As a Volunteer people can learn new skills and/or refresh old ones in addition to making a positive contribution to the lives of others. One specific volunteering opportunity is to train as a “mentor”. This will allow people to work with ex-service personnel, providing support to both the

Veterans and their families.

Our very own allotment is now up and running with a group of our veterans “digging” out to enable it to become a safe haven and to encourage its use as a therapeutic tool for our veterans. Also we will be donating part of the allotment to the local schools to help with interaction in the community.